Internationale Konferenz: Parallelgesellschaften

20. und 21. Oktober 2022
aus dem Joseph Haydn-Saal

Die 5. IASPM-D-A-CH-Tagung – 32. GFPM-Tagung fand in diesem Jahr zum Thema Parallelgesellschaften - Effekte struktureller Mehrgleisigkeit auf populäre Musik, ihre Erforschung und Vermittlung statt.


20. Oktober 2022

15 - 16 Uhr
Panel discussion on "Parallel Worlds of Music Streaming?" with Dave Hesmondhalgh (University of Leeds, UK), Hyojung Sun (Ulster University, Northern Ireland), Fabian Schütze (analogsoul, Leipzig, Germany), Yasmo (musician, Austria) conducted by Hannes Tschürtz (ink Music, Austria)

16.30 - 18 Uhr
Session 1 (Panel)
Popular Music, Populism and Polarization in Contemporary Europe
Moderation: Katharina Alexi

Melanie Schiller (Groningen): Culture Wars and Populism: Popular Music, Rock Rebellion and the Radical Right in Sweden

André Doehring & Kai Ginkel (Graz): The Mode of the Beer Tent: On the Socio-Musical Materialities of Far-Right Populism in Austria

Mario Dunkel & Reinhard Kopanski (Oldenburg): „Der Osten rollt“: Performances of East German Pride in Contemporary Popular Music

21. Oktober 2022

9.30 - 11 Uhr
Session 3
Overt and Covert Practices of Professional Songwriters
Moderation: D.-E. Wickström

M. Ahlers (Lüneburg)&J. Herbst (Huddersfield): Peak of the Assembly Lines? Online Songwriting Camps as Current Spaces of Individual and Collaborative Creativity

M. Ptatscheck (New York City): Hidden Artists, Hidden Crises: Insights into German Songwriters’ Life Worlds and Mental Health Challenges

11.30 - 13 Uhr
Session 6
Inside/Outside Popular Music Studies, Addressing Untapped Potentials, Excluded Knowledges, and Neglected Topics in Popular Music Research
Mod.: M. Fürnkranz

S. Just (Bonn): Why We Despise Disciplines and Love STUDIES! Popular Music Studies and the Late-modern Condition

W. G. Zaddach (Lüneburg): ‚Epistemic Inertia‘, ‚Epistemic Injustice‘ and Epistemic Mosaics‘: Artistic Research as a New Paradigm and Its Potential for Popular Music Studies

K. Alexi (Rostock) & O. Daniel (Prague): Politicized and Commodified „Children’s Music“ and Its Interrelation to „Adult Music“. Traces from Major Labels to DIY Music Cultures

14 - 15 Uhr

M. Ege (Zürich): Pop versus the people? Spaltungsdiagnosen, Moralisierungskritiken und Fantasien vom Populären